maple hardwood flooring

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Maple hardwood flooring ranks high on the Janka hardness scale, making it a great choice for high foot traffic areas of your home like kitchens and hallways. For that reason, you’re likely to see maple hardwood in common places such as basketball courts, bowling alleys, and sports arenas. While traditionally light tan in color, the shade of maple hardwood flooring can vary based on age, the area where it was grown, and the stain or finish used to treat the wood.

Maple is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep the surface regularly to remove debris and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any spots or spills. Your floor may also require periodic refinishing depending on the care and amount of foot traffic it receives.

Maple hardwood flooring is available in a wide array of shades, and is suitable for any family’s flooring needs. The three varieties of grain available include:

  • Flame maple: Has wavy red lines and is often used to make acoustic guitars and other musical instruments
  • Quilted maple: Bears a resemblance to a quilt or ripples on water
  • Bird’s eye: Most common and has a distinctive pattern that resembles a bird’s eye

Maple is also becoming an increasingly popular type of laminate, which gives homeowners the look of maple at a lower price point.

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